Saturday, December 31, 2011

Do you want more?

Well.. we are still at chad's families house. 

We went to Sherlock Holmes 2. It was fantastic. Highly suggest watching it. 

Also saw the newest mission impossible movie. Its not that great. 

Went to Ron's virtual world, an arcade place. Officially my 3rd time there. 

Used one roll of film for my little Diana camera. We took about 64 pictures and only 30 could be developed. There are a few pretty cool picture where they over lap each other in the same picture. Some day i'll scan them onto my computer. Also the flash broke for it so we are sending it back to replace it. 

Here is a picture of Christmas that I forgot about. There were so many presents. It was very exciting.

Also.. Rachael got this floating remote control shark for Christmas. Its verrry cool.

 And here is a random blurred winter road picture. I kind of like it.

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