Saturday, December 24, 2011

Its a nice time its a swell time.

It's Christmas Eve!

In Chad's family every Christmas they get a pair of pajamas made by their mother. Chad Rachael and Kasey all got shirts that said "The Arthur Read Society" and then "Founder" on it. And then on Jeni's it said the same but with "just a member". It was pretty funny. I even got some home made pajamas! Mine have little cats on it, and then the shirt has a picture of darcy on it. Its all quite lovely.

The other day we made Oreo truffles.

and McKensie ate the chocolate.

And here is little McKensie and Duke being cute. 

Also.. as i've been meaning to post, i got new sparkly shoes. Here they are. 

I've also found this new blog that has some good recipes and home decor ideas.

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