Monday, August 29, 2011

you got my stomach in knots my heart tangled up in a dream.

Finally got to bring my wedding dress home today. Its now hanging up on my closet door. We also went and ordered are cakes so they will be ready to be picked up on friday. There will be three of them, a chocolate 10 in, german chocolate 8 in, and this other pretty chocolate one i liked which will be the 6 in.

I washed the windows and the downstairs and upstairs bathroom. I also watched an episode of voyager. Now im just laying in my bed a little bored. I looked through older pictures on my computer and found this one from the engagement pictures. I probably didn't like it the first time i saw it because chad's face is hidden, but looking at it a second time i liked it anyways.

I practice packed my stuff today, well not my clothes but everything else, and i think it's all going to fit. I hope.

Also, im excited for barbara to get here tonight! Her cell phone isn't working outside of idaho so i hope all goes well for when we pick her up, i'll make sure to go early so she's not stranded with her quarters using a pay phone.

I accidentally set off our house alarm today. I messed up turning it off and then the really loud alarm sounds went off and my mom came back into the house and turned it off then called the alarm people to tell them it was an accident but they said it didn't show the alarm went off. But then, about 20mins later my mom got a call from the alarm people saying it went off. Then when we came home there was another call about it. So there's something not working with the alarm so i suppose it was a good thing i accidentally set it off in the first place.

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