Sunday, August 28, 2011

the moribund tree and the toad

Back from the fair!

The fair was nice and all, but im glad to be home and get to take a shower and have flushing toilets.

Tonight for fhe we are going on a bike ride down the trail ben and i found. Im pretty excited, its a good trail. Also this is our last day together before everyone comes and then i get married! Its weird thinking to myself that im getting married this week.

Also just remembered i need to try fixing my jeans with the holes in them. oh and take my clothes off of the bed barbara will be sleeping in tomorrow.

I made brownies. still haven't made banana bread.

And i have to say, etsy has gotten very good at suggesting things i might like. It surprises me a little sometimes. Today it showed me these hanging jar lights. I really like them. i like anything to do with glass jars really.

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