Friday, September 16, 2011

some times there's a better way

Well, its been quite awhile since I posted.

I am married.
I still don't have any pictures from the wedding. My mom should be getting the cd soon and then mailing it on to me. Until then, here is a picture of chad and I signing our marriage certificate. And, we just got it in the mail today. They are actually kind of pretty looking. But the wedding was nice. It feels like it all happened pretty quick and like it was forever ago, but its only been 2 weeks. haha. Well, until I get the pictures you can see some of them on the photographers site here, and then the password is Spider.

I went to Seattle for my honeymoon.
Seattle was very cool. It was quite overwhelming at first. Our rental car was not at the airport which confused us and then once we got the rental car place the car cost more then we thought it was going to be, and then our hotel was very down town Seattle with lots of one way streets and that was confusing. And then the hotel guy tricked us into paying $40 to park in the hotel parking garage. The next morning we moved the car into a parking garage next door that was only $25 a day. Later we decided to just return the rental car and found out that the monorail goes straight to the airport to right next door our hotel and that was only $5.25 for both chad and I. Once we figured out the whole rental car thing and the better way to get around Seattle it was really cool. We found this Japanese store that has the coolest things. Everything in the store was $1.50 and they had these way pretty bowls and plates. We bought 4 really cool bowls. We also went to see the space needle, a museum, and Pikes Market. My favorite part about Seattle is how detailed all of the old buildings and things are. I wish every city was built like the olden days. Below is a picture of our view from our hotel room. It was the best. And the other is chad in the Seattle library which is just the coolest building ever.

And I've moved into my new apartment
We are finally all moved into our apartment. We found a couch on craigslist. I liked it a lot. Bought a 40in tv off Amazon. I also like it a lot. And got a mattress for free from jessica and josh. Which is much better then sleeping on the floor. We also just got internet today. We were looking into getting cable one which was way expensive but we could find any better deals. It was so expensive I thought it would be best to just go to the library to do my homework when chad goes to class and we could just get by with chad's phone internet. But, chad's mom called and told us about this internet service and it was a great deal. Chad called up this morning and we went and picked it up and bought a wireless router at walmart and now im sitting on the couch in our living room on my computer. I've missed etsy and modcloth and blogging. Im very glad we have the internet. Since we've moved it its also been chads birthday! He turned 23. He already new I got him a wii and he already opened it before his birthday so that was lame. But he still got some presents in the mail and our tv came that day so that was fun. Here is chad and his cake! The candles spell c p if you couldn't tell. haha.

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