Friday, December 3, 2010

you sing your lonely melody and im just keeping time.

In the hallway of the ricks. By the vending machines

I was talking to my dad on my cell phone because its his birthday. Then my brother and mary, who are in canada got on skype and were talking to him. So he was like.. get on skpye. So i did. And we all talked together. But i didn't want to talk out loud into my computer in the hallway because that can be weird. So i just had my headphones in and talked to them through typing while they talked out loud. It was cool. We talked for like an hour. I felt really silly when i laughed out loud. So i tried really hard not to laugh out loud. it was hard.

While i was talking to my brother and father this guy next to me started talking to me and it was like.. what does he think he's doing? like i had my headphones in and was typing and everything. But anyways, i took one of my headphones out and answered his questions. And while talking to him was talking to my brother and dad about how weird he was. It was funny.

My butt hurts.

2 more weeks till I go home!

I looked on the bulletin and found this girl driving to salt lake airport on the 18th at 12pm. So I emailed her seeing if she will let me come with her. My flight isn't until 9:45pm. But if it takes like 4 hours to get to salt lake and then it takes like 30mins to park and get checked in go through security and stuff. then wait an hour. So then i'll be in the airport a couple hours. Which will be fine. I'll just watch netfix sitting in the airport.

I learned i get to put my stuff on my future bed in my apartment. So thats really nice that i don't have to pack it all up again.

I'll go to class now.

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