Thursday, December 2, 2010

Im constantly on a down and im tired of waiting. Climb to the top, we climb to the top, and now your falling again.

Im sitting in the second floor of the library. Up where my friend chad use to sit. Its kind of nice.

So i was sitting here listening to then went to go change the volume and then all of a sudden the music started playing on my laptop out loud not in my headphones. I hurriedly went to click the mute button but it didn't work and the volume mover thing was frozen too. It was scary. And like totally quiet except for me and my loud laptop. Luckly i there is this big plant im behind. Then i pressed the stop button on the music and it stopped. Thankkgoodness.

And then every time i went to go change the volume.. even with nothing playing it would freeze. So i restarted the computer and it started up with this never before seen "needs to check the files" thing. and did that. Then started back up. And the volume would still freeze.

So i went to the computer help desk. And they helped me. But also gave me a lesson on not stealing music and uninstalled my limewire. He then became my not favorite person.. even though he did fix my volume thing by uninstalling and reinstalling it.

And now im back sitting in my chair with my headphones and music playing in them. not out loud. And still by the big plant.

I have a group meeting at 7:15, its 6:41 right now.

I need to make a calendar. And plan things. Because i feel un planed right now.

Also, just in defense of limewire.. because i still feel a little hurt about that... I have never had a problem with a virus because of it. And i've had limewire for.. years and years. So.. yeah.

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