Monday, December 6, 2010

I know that to go on i'll break you my habit.

Im sitting in the hallway again. Kimberly was here but not anymore. Im on the second floor. by the math classrooms. Waiting for class to start in.. like 20 plus some mins.

My computer is not going to last that long though the battery will be dying. I have the plug. and there is a plug in next to me. So... I guess i could do that.

I finished everything I need to do for English class, i just need to do like an evaluation for the last week and do little things like that. But the project is finished

We are putting together our poster board for my soc project at 6 on the 3rd floor of the library.

I get out of class at 6.

Im thirsty thirsty.

I didn't do my math for class, i forgot my math book and i don't even have my notebook. Im doing that best in that class. But it'll work out. Im tired of math though. Its too much work.

There are no rides going to the salt lake airport on the 18th. I might have to get the salt lake express. Hopefully there will be some one driving down when i fly back on the 2nd so i don't have to pay $47 again.

Im so very excited to go home. So so.

I like olive garden.

I could drink a river right now. But not really.

It was snowing like hardcore today. I think it still is.

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