Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I never thought this life was possible, your the yellow bird that i've been waiting for.

I got up for class today and got ready but then felt kind of depressed and slow so I laid down for about an hour and missed my class, then looked at a calendar and listened to blood on the dance floor and became happy again. Im really tired of being alone.

In juvenile delinquency class today indy had left over homemade salsa and then some chips and it was super. Our teacher wasn't there so we just ignored the sub and talked about getting pregnant and periods. Emily hasn't had her baby yet.

Next week we don't have to class at all because of the field trip to the ppc center on thursday. Super exciting.

I skipped family foundations on monday and my seat buddy brek texted me yesterday and told me that the teacher told us to bring all of our readings to class today. That was very nice of him. I dont know why we need our readings.

I need gum and soft lips.

Indy told me she use to do pot today. I like that girl. I hope I have another class with her sometime.

I have to go to math class in a moment. i don't like math class. I wish my boyfriend chad parr would call me and then i'd skip class.

My mp3 player says the batteries are low and it wont play any songs. And i just put knew ones on today. So disappointing. In a little while i wont be having this problem when i have my super cool ipod touch.


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