Monday, November 1, 2010


So i didn't read for my last class and it worked out alright. Although i didn't feel very useful when we were in groups. but oh well.. I still need to find two more extra things to do for that class so i can get a B. He mentioned the book, The Way we Never Were.. which sounds interesting, so I will read that if he says its ok.

I've been very not in the mood to do homework lately.

we have a guest speaker in juvenile delinquency so thats nice. Our friend Emily should be having her baby like any day. its funny she wasn't in class last time and we were all like.. she's having a baby. But i don't she did yet. But it'll be like.. between now and next week so thats pretty crazy. It would be crazy if she started having her baby in class! Then we'd get to stop class for a moment.

My hands are dry i need lotion.

I have a lot of math to do. and im not doing it right now. Im not even listening to music right now. just sitting here.

For english there was a bunch of research topics that we got to vote on and then the top 3 got picked for what we are going to have to pick from, and all three that won are so dumb. It made me a little upset to see the ones that were picked.

I don't get to go home until after 6. Thats kind of depressing. I've never skipped family foundations before. Maybe i should. huh. That would be kind of nice. If im still tired and uninterested by then i think i will skip it.

I get to register for classes in 7 more days!!

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