Friday, November 5, 2010

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I just had a group meeting with my stoners group for juvenile delinquency. The people in the group are kind of annoying.. they seem to want to just tell their life stories. But it didn't last very long and then heidi emily and i stayed and eat heidi's homemade guacamole with chips and talked. It was good.

I have gum now, but i still need chapstick.

I haven't done my math homework. hm. I really want to skip math right now. I shouldn't..but i want to. I usually learn things that i really need to learn when i go. Ok i looked at the chapter. I have no idea. So i really need to go to class. darn.

I don't have my headphones, i would like to watch greys. I will do that right when i get home.

I got a letter from ben and jenna the other day. it was so funny. They are funny. Its hannahs birthday party today. They are having it at the H20 the water park. I hope they take lots of pictures. Even though i've worked there and my dads a share holder i've never been there gone swimming there. haha. I should go sometime. It would be cool. Not like super cool. Because its not way intense.. but cool.

I bought a book today for my sociology class. I have to do two things outside of class that apply to class in order to get a grade higher then a C. So im reading the way we never were. It looks pretty good. Im kind of excited to read it.

I just spent a lot of time on netflix looking for movies.. i think i found somethings to watch. I do want to listen to some of fallen today though too. So i will do that. i wonder if i'll be hanging out with kimberly this weekend?

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