Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can I even complicate your breathing.

I would like to talk to Chad Ryan Parr.

I slept in.

I accidentally called UPS on my cell phone

I am reading "Mother's employment outside the home"

I wanted chocolate milk this morning, all i had was hot chocolate powder, I put it in my water bottle with milk. It worked out.

I think im going crazy. I feel like one of those people on greys anatomy that go to the doctor wanting them to cut their arm off because it doesn't feel like it belongs to them. Thats how me and my tooth feel about each other.

I also almost eat a random berry i saw on a bush. I really am going crazy.

I was invited by my seat friend Indy to go to some cultural dance show thing on December 1st. Im pretty sure kimberly and I will be going. Indy does not have an STD but she does of OCD.

I think i like the band called call the cops. Perhaps.

I can't wait for my Ipod touch. Gosh.

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