Friday, November 12, 2010

I swear you don't have to go, I thought we could wait for the fireworks. I thought we could wait for the snow.

In the ricks..

I have a stoners group meeting at 12:45, so i have a little while. Group work can be difficult or annoying. People should all think the same. Just kidding. Im in a new group for my foundations of sociology class. Im in the freshmen orientation group. So we are like.. looking at the one here and seeing how you could improve it and stuff and then at the end of the class we have to present infront of the class as if they were like the kim b and activities people and stuff.

I miss the downstairs computer lab in the ricks.

Theres a girl next to me eating one of those little loafs of bread, it smells super.

There are a couple things for math i need to do.

When i get home im going to watch greys. Or by mittens.

Its almost thanksgiving break!

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