Friday, November 19, 2010

Stormin through the party like my name was El Nino

I took my juvenile delinquency final. It was super easy. I hate when you think its one answer but then double guess yourself and put the other. As soon as i walked out of the testing center I knew ravers use ecstasy not weed.

Im packing.. pretty much done.. just need like my shower and make up stuff.

I ate my favorite salad from the mc. It was super. Like always. But i never like the chicken in it.. and when ever i don't say no chicken i alway regret it.

I wish i had an mp3 player for when im going to sandy. I don't have AAA batteries for mine.

I wonder if my walkman's batteries are still good?

There is a man in my apartment fixing electric stuff. My apartment is falling apart.

A hard little candy sounds good.

Do you bring your own towel when you go to a strangers house?

There is one of those little business on campus that sell those "skin" things that go on your computer. I bought one. I hope i like it when i get it..
Yeah. thats it. haha.

Only 3 more weeks of school!

Things i have to do during thanksgiving
-Math: 7c,7e,5a,5c,5e
-Email jill notes from meeting
-Create freshmen orientation outline
-Read The Way We Never Were... some of it
-Fix English paper.


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