Monday, October 18, 2010

It's getting late your eyes are closed and mine are wide awake

Its monday.

In juvenile delinquency we had this group of boys from the ppc program this juvenile detention center place come and talk to us. And it was so cool. I've decided I want to do be a foster home someday like.. kids with problems are cute. I want to help them.

Its fhe tonight, i think we are making and decorating sugar cookies? ...

My eyes are super tired today for some reason. I should close them.

I have a math final on Wednesday. Today in class we are reviewing. I think it should be very easy. its only 15 questions too. So.. like easy. And then tomorrow or after class on wednesday I need to go take my juvenile midterm. Which will be harder. I need to study that. But its so boring im not a big fan. And then thursday is my marriage midterm. Im really wondering how that'll go. maybe easy maybe hard? maybe.

Barbara went to a green day concert. i want to go to a concert.

I finished my family foundations homework for today and im not going to do my math homework because i don't think its important. So i have nothing to do right now. I was thinking about watch dollhouse.. this show i recently started..but i don't know.. i don't like watching shows on campus. not because i watch sketchy things.. its just like.. awkward to be sitting next to some one while im watching something and are screens are like side by side? Maybe im paranoid.

Oh crap i remembered i do have math homework that is important to do. I will do that.

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