Friday, October 22, 2010

Last time i saw you you turned away..

I went to the lost and found sale with kimberly and zach at 12. There was a huge line it was kind of funny. I've always wanted to go and i didn't know it was like that big of a deal. I guess the people at the very front of the line got there at 6am. Crazy. There wasn't very much good stuff. I got a little umbrella and a ring. $3.50.

My pen exploded a little while ago and its been leaking inside and while i was reading my math homework it like leaked all over my finger. joy

I finished my math homework. And i don't have enough time to watch greys before class.. so i don't know what to do.

I saw that panachi has new clothes in. There are some i like, but i have clothes waiting in my bag on forever 21. its difficult.

Dang, i remembered i still have my doctor visit insurance paper to mail to the insurance people. i need to do that. for certain.

I just put $20 on my icard the other day, and i already only have like $2 left. i was pretty horrible with that this week. I think because i used it to buy this one ring and then i bought a chocolate milk and different drink another day.

I want to buy a blender.

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