Saturday, October 16, 2010

A cakes no good if you don't mix the bater and bake it.

Its Saturday. Scotty was here yesterday and we played wally ball it was pretty fun. After laura scotty and I watched some volleyball and i've decided I'll play second block volleyball, and Later that night I saw Kathleen and talked to her about it so.. yeah think thats what happening.

I really want to eat out.

Kyleigh is in town visiting her boyfriend, I might be seeing her tonight. I hope so that would be cool.

Im watching walk the line, its a good one. still.

I think going to a football game in a little, zach is coaching the team and my fhe brother is on the team and kim is going to watch it and my roommate emily told our fhe brother she'd go watch it for a little. So we are going for a little.

8 or 9 weeks till I am back home for chirstmas. I found my chirstmas sweater in my drawer. Im excited to wear it. It has snowmen on it.. and other cool things.

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