Friday, October 8, 2010

8 dollar engagment ring

I am accepted to fast grad. Oh boy.

And so yeah thats pretty good. And I also went to the doctors the other day and got new pills to try for my cold sore and some to help my nose if my nose has a problem and is making me gag. but Im not sure if it is.

I went to class this morning and then found out that I had no class. Thats what i get from skipping my class the day before.

Oh. So alaska was suppose to send me some money in my bank account the other day but they are thinking about not wanting to give me my money because i was only part time for a semester. So i sure hope they forgive me for that and give me my money anyways.

there are 3 horkley drinks on my kitchen counter. I want horkleys

My roommates don't know how to clean their dishes. They stink like that.

I was looking at ipod touches today. Im positive i'll have one by the end of this year. Im so very excited.

I was listening to today and found this man named chase coy. Who i like.

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