Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i could really use a wish right now.

I just eat a ham and cheese sandwich.

Im sitting next to kimberly in the ricks computer lab

I we have juvenile delinquency together in about 12mins.

For my foundations of sociology class we have to bring in a like grad plan thing. And so i though i would just go to the advising center and get a copy of my fast grad plan. so i went to the hinkley and she said to go to the kimball advising center. i went there and they said they didn't have my fastgrad yet that it must still be with my advisor. so i went back to the hinkley and talked to another lady and she was like no no we or them don't have it yet its with the chair people and then it'll go to the kimball. So. I couldn't get a copy and i'll have to redo it all myself for this class and wait to get a copy till later. oh how i want to be accepted already. i am going to be so very sad if im not. I don't see how they could reject me. They wont they wont.

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