Sunday, June 15, 2014

You light me up inside like the fourth of july

To start this post here are some cat pictures... everyone's favorite

 Darcy being a baddy on the deck.. she's always trying to go as far as she can under the railing.

Sometimes I leave the screen door open and find kitty sitting on the chair. Its adorable.

So.. im afraid all my plants are dying? All the flowers i bought died for sure. I had to dig them all out and throw them away. My strawberry plant had bugs in the dirt and leaves were turning brown? I've kind of given up on him, but he still grows new leaves everyone in a while? My tomato and pea plants are still growing everyday but sometimes look bad. Like a little bit shrived. I think the main problem is they aren't getting enough direct sun light. But i don't know. :(

We also went to como park which is a giant giant park, golf course, sports fields, conservatory, zoo, and amusement park. And it was all free it was very cool. I'd love to go back again soon.

 And here I am all pregnant.... Officially in the third trimester!

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