Sunday, June 29, 2014

You can be the peanut butter to my jelly.

The past week chad and i made our way up to thunderbay for a little family fun time. We hope to go back up in July for one last trip before im quarantined in Minneapolis until Oliver is born. Which I am 30 weeks now so only 10 more weeks to go! Crazy crazy!

Kasey, Andre, Chad, and I went for a little off roading in the jeep which ended up more like adventure time in boots for chad. We didn't find the trail we were looking for so we just walked down a real muddy trail where chad gained a new love for rain boots. I should probably buy him his own pair. 

We also met prim, kaseys stray cat, who actually has a home... We loved her. Shes real cute and friendly. And pretty.

Chad and i made a quick trip to the marina for a little walk after eating at hoito, which was actually surprisingly very good i'd eat there again.

 And finally we took some family pictures. I know kasey already posted this one on her blog but its such a funny one i had to post it too :)

And since my timer was too short i never got a good whole family one, but here is a fun outtake.

And the shed picture. I have one with the shed in all its glory but this is a cropped one i though becky might appreciate a little more ;)

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  1. Look at that hand on her hip! Becky looks hot! And I love the canoe photos haha! And you look great! I'm so excited to meet Oliver!