Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No you don't stand a chance for a second in my world.

If you did not know, i have a dream to someday buy a victorian style farm house. It would need lots of work, would be around $150,000, and have more then about 6 acres of land (with trees not just a field). There is a house outside of Minneapolis that i dream about quite regularly that meets all of these qualities. Its on zillow of course, here  and is $140,000 needs tons of work and is on 29 acres. 

Here she is.... 

Along with my day dreams i enjoy reading blog post on how to refinish hardwood floors and installing drywall. When i buy my fixer upper i'll have to know how to do somethings right? Well while we were in texas visiting my family we went to a thrift store and chad spotted this book series on home repair. It seriously has everything and has these cute little pictures. I bought just about all of them for like a $1 each it was great. 

We also bought our first tool a drill.... i know we are very lame right now because everyone and their mom's probably have one of these in their house already, but i have to start somewhere and this was the most useful tool for me right now. :)

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