Friday, February 28, 2014

I got a good feeling it will be alright.

Well i finally got around to finishing the hutch. Here is the before......

And the after.........

 I really love it. Its exactly how I wanted it to look. The paint was a little odd though. The brush marks are pretty visible but oh well.

And here is an adorable painting i got from the thrift store the other day.

And here is kitty... She was playing on this tall wooden chair we have (its chads... its like a wooden mid-evil dinning chair thing from homegoods?..yeah..) and it fell over with her on it. Some how she hurt her foot in the ordeal and has been limping around since last night. She seemed a little better today so we are going to wait another day and see if she keeps improving but if she doesn't we will have to bring her to the vet to get it looked at. Its swollen compared to her other paws, and today i found her sleeping on her back sticking only her hurt foot up in the air. It was pretty cute.. and sad.. hopefully she gets better real quick.

She just limped into the room while writing this.. so sad.

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