Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love Bullets.

This is my "first few days in thunder bay with the fam" post.  

Chad cleaned the car. And i helped a bit. 

Chad was excited to wash the car himself for the first time.

And i sat for a little bit. 

 This is some etsy pictures.. chad new job is sanding. 

This is his large pile of unsanded blocks. 

We started a bocce ball summer 2013 tournament. Its pretty elite.

The paint was completely gone so we each painted our own pair. From left to right, chads, mine, rachaels, and jordans. 

Racheal is very much in the lead with 6 points. 

Jordan is in second with 2 points. And then comes me with 1 and chad with 0. 

Kasey is the commentator and professional photographer. 

And this is what darcy does pretty much every day. She doesn't want to come up the stairs very much. 

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