Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just give me a reason.

Well.... we moved! We have been in Canada for a few days now. Its been exactly a week since we left Idaho. Im very happy to be gone. The drive here was very long. And..chad slept pretty much the whole way. He drove 2 out of the 14 hours we drove the first day. I did the rest. But it actually wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. Getting closer and closer to Minnesota it starting getting more and more green. I loved it. Im very pleased with minneapolis. There are soo many tree especially for being a big city I think its very impressive. We stopped by chads school and its also very impressive. Its like hundreds times better then byui. Well.. thats about all. Here are our trip pictures starting with goodbyes with kim and zach and ending in canada!

Kimberly and i : )

Kim Zach and I

This is our packed car. It was crazy. We had to get rid of lots and lots of things. It was sad. I am also now a big believer in space bags. 

This was suppose to be our goodbye apartment/idaho picture. Didn't quite work out. 

Driving with cats is bad. Don't do it. Here is kitty who got out of her cage and crawled her way over everything to the front of the car to us. This happened a couple times until we locked her in good. 

This is in Montana right off the road. 

Another Montana.

And Another Montana.

And North Dakota. One of my favorites. 

Chad taking a stretch about 30mins to the border. 

Chad p and i. Almost to Canada.

We still don't have an apartment.. which worries me. But we are working on it... kind of.  : )


  1. Glad yall made it safely! Have fun in Canada for us! :( P.S. Montana is my favorite!