Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why don't you just make one up

So i have a new sewing machine i've decided on.


I did not make the book club last month. So three books to read this month. I'm reading one by Deanna Raybourne right now, but its not the Julia Grey series, its called the Dead Travel Fast. Then my second book will be one from the Julia Grey series. And the third, im not too sure about yet.

Cut chad's hair so he could take a test. Its short now. sadly.

 Cut my own hair. So its short now too. I feel like a little kid with shorter hair but it was good i cut it because it was really bad from all my dying it back to brown again. I'll take a picture of it.. eventually.

I've become a bad blogger. We don't do much any more. haha

Kim told me about a friend of hers that wants to get family pictures taken. Kim told her she'd ask me. And i don't know. Like it would be fun, but its overwhelming. Its intimidating to me because my pictures aren't that great and im not good with people.. and what if they are accepting something better then what you take? So i think i might say no.

Michael Briscoe of the band Watch the Clock and Cliche, and our friend, is going on a mission to Italy soon and i wanted to make sure i had some of my favorite songs from band Watch the Clock before he left. Here is the link to download his album.

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