Tuesday, October 11, 2011

to write love on her arms

So. I found the sewing machine I want. Im probably going to be made fun of about it. Its a cheap one. But i've read the review its a 4 star, and it does everything i want it to do. I don't want a fancy one i actually have to figure out how to use. Chad already said it looked ugly. But he says that about lots of things i like.. just kidding.. but sometimes.
I was on etsy today and became a little obsessed with reading the reviews of this ladies (RiverOfRomansk's) etsy store. I found the store because I saw a shirt I liked and then wondered what other people thought about her clothes and the feedback ended up being very entertaining for some reason. Apparently lots of people have troubles with her being too slow, uncommunicative, and her cloths are too little and short. It was like a little project runway drama tv show. Or maybe im just really bored these days. 

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