Sunday, October 9, 2011

Defend the objective

A kitty came into our house today!

It was so cute. We were taking a walk and then saw the little kitty run up to us. It followed us all the way home. We know the kitty is one of these cats that live outside down the street from our house so we brought it back there but then when we went to leave it came back to follow us. So, we brought it home gave it some milk and tuna fish. She was really happy. We named her Cheeto. I felt bad when I had to say goodbye and shut the door on her.

 Cute little kitty feet.

 Chad pulling the kitties tail.

Today I also made these little cinnamon brown sugar pastry things. I think they are great.

We also bought this cute little candle holder and candles for 3 dollars. Above this we are going to hang a framed mirror. Once we buy one of course.

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