Sunday, August 7, 2011

long long time ago

Im back home in Alaska. Its been nice. Getting things done for the wedding. We have been looking for a place to have the wedding and have finally found some where i like, its called beach lake, its out past eagle river. There is a lake and a pretty little dock that goes out into the water and then this lodge place you can rent out. We still need to call tomorrow and make sure its open for our date but yeah. Hopefully it works.

This morning i decided if i did not wake up in time for 8am to get ready for church then i'd go to the singles ward, But i woke up. haha. So i was with my family. It was actually a bett
er time then usual, im not sure why.

I've been bored so im just looking at things for fun like furniture and headbands. I need to pick out a ring for chad p since he wont pick one. Thats feeling stressful. haha. But oh well, he'll just have to like it. But anyways, here are some cool things I've found lately.

Here is the kind of headband i really want to go with my wedding dress. The first one is my favorite, then the second kind i also like as well.

Here are some cool old school fancy antique 1970's chairs from craigs list. Its kind of hard to see them. but yeah. pretty cool right? And for only $150

And this couch is from walmart and i actually really like it. From the looks at least, you can never tell until you sit on a couch if its actually good. It is $300 and comes in black brown and grey. I like the brown the best.

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