Monday, August 8, 2011

I'd bleed my heart out just for you.

today i brought my wedding dress in to get altered. She's going to let out the sides and then i'll come back in and see what needs to be done.

We were looking at wedding cakes online and at stores today but none seemed too good and then we were at Fred Myers and bought a slice of this chocolate cake for fun and it ended up tasting very good. Its got the flake chocolate on the sides and really thick frosting it was rather pretty. So i think we will get like two of those and a german chocolate cake and then buy one of those cake things that are different levels to put them on.

The pretty lake with the dock and lodge is booked on september 2nd so we will not be getting married there very sadly. Im thinking beluga point is where its going to be. If its raining then oh well.

Tomorrow im going to the dentist to fill my 3 little cavities. Sad. My mom is making me drive alone too so after im done and all hurting and sad i have to drive all the way home by myself. horrible i know. jk.

I made a little wedding website. Its so take a look at that. On the announcements we bought pink label tape that matched the little hearts on it and then typed on it the web site address in little words and stuck that over the temple words so it all looks nice. Im glad that part worked out. We will be sending them out pretty soon. Tomorrow perhaps?

Here is what the front page of the website looks like....

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