Saturday, March 12, 2011

what am i suppose to do when the club lights come on

I have been home for curfew every day for like the past billion days. But not really. but yeah many days.

So yeah. im home. its 12:09. Im doing nothing. but im home because i have to be.

Today chad parr and i went to saint anthony and looked at what i thought was a waterfall but it turns out there is not even a little waterfall. Chad informed me that you'd just call them rapids. But during the summer i swear it looks more like a waterfall. So yeah we walked around there on the rocks and stuff and took pictures it was fun.

Then we went to kimberlys after waiting years for barbara to get ready. Kim was only here for a weekend she's going back to pocatello. It was fun, jessica and josh were there too. We played cards and rockband. I do love rockband.

I made a doctors appointment the other day. Its for Thursday March 17th 2011 at 2:20pm.

I registered for classes on Friday. I am taking Research Methods, Advanced English/Critical Thinking, Social Statistics, Family Relations, Capstone, and perhaps a Marriage class. I've added it but then i'll have 17 credits if I keep it which im not sure i want or not. So we will see. Also I don't exactly have my Capstone class. I emailed the teacher to see if he'll override the block since im not suppose to take English at the same time. But its my last two classes for my associates so I think he might. It would be silly if he denies me.

Its stake conference tomorrow morning. And Daylight savings. Im not sure I'll make it. To either.

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