Sunday, February 27, 2011

I could be one of those models who shove coke up their noses

Writing in the blog....

Im writing in this blog today, to feel like i do things with my time. I've come to notice through help of others that I have lots of time in which i do nothing with. I never noticed. And I never cared. But now recognizing it, I feel as if i should be doing something. So... i will.


I decided I really like having sacrament last for church. It makes church feel much much shorter then it is. This might also be because I never make it to all of relief society.. but i think even if i do make it for the whole thing it feels shorter then when church is the other way around.

I added Alexander Davidson married to Agnes MC Callum to my family history today. Also... my grandfathers last name Gorbahn changes to Jorbahn. So that seems wrong.

Well. now im just back to sitting here.

I think i have iron deficiency anemia.

I've been having headaches, been tired, and im weak.. but im always weak.. so yeah.. But I found this because I was having like restless leg syndrome so I looked that up and it was saying how I might have iron deficiency. So then I found this stuff:

Adults at high-risk for anemia include:

*Those who use aspirin, ibuprofen, or arthritis medicines for a long time-I take a lot of ibuprofen

*Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding who have low iron levels - But I am not pregnant.


*Women of child-bearing age- I am of child bearing age, but not bearing child.


*Blue color to white of the eyes
*Brittle nails
*decreased appetite--This is not one of my symptoms
*Fatigue-- Yes Yes
*Headache-- For certain headaches are a symptoms
*Pale skin color
*sore tongue
*unusual food cravings
*Weakness-- This is present.. but might just be weak.

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  1. This is very interesting and actually quite educational I'm proud. I might have learned something today. So I consider this blog a good use of your time.