Friday, December 10, 2010

Please come back home. You know, the place where you used to live.

Im finished with mostly everything! Did my freshmen presentation, wrote my extra paper, did my extra math, took my math final. Which my math final was so great, he just gave us a paper we flipped it over and we just circled a percent that we think we deserve. I did 94-97 percent. And then we wrote a paragraph about the 10000 rule.

Now im just laying in my bed. Chad parr left. I was talking to him but not anymore. Kimberly is taking a test right now and after she is done she has to print a couple things and i will walk to the library and meet her there then we will go to her house. She is scrapbooking for her book of remembrance thing for school. And i think i will go through my pictures and put the ones i want in my future photo album in a little folder.

Kim called me. Im leaving now. After i finish No.5 by Hollywood undead.

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