Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kiss me here, and hold my hand. Let me feel like im the only one, i know you can, wont you do it for me now.

My fingers are cold

In the ricks.

I just ate a little loaf of bread. it was good.

Just my stoners presentation and then wait 3 hours going over the proclamation then family foundations class.. and then im done! Joy joy.

It feels unreal to think about going home soon. Like. 3 days. Crazy. I don't believe it yet.

And then i get to see Chad Ryan Parr!

Im going to have lunch with scotia tomorrow. That'll be cool. I need to go return two books to the viking place, and sell back one book to the bookstore.. or maybe i can see if they will pay more for it at the viking place..

my hands are warm now, my toes are not.

My room roommate emily leaves tonight. She was an alright roommate. I found out the other day.. it was crazy.. her family does the little hand shaking after prayer at dinner time too. Its a german thing, like my family does it every meal.. but hers just does it on occasion. but still.. and then they also celebrate saint Nickolas like my family too!... which is german too. So yeah. Pretty crazy. We had like tons of similar things, like living two doors down from each other in the dorms, being in the same american foundations class one year, being on the same plane flying into rexburg.

I used my new cd player this morning.. i like it. Its much nicer then the old one. Im glad i bought it for 8 dollars. And i like my slippers.

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