Friday, June 16, 2017

Now I'm out Free

A couple photos from this past week! 

Oliver likes to go on Pinterest with me every once in awhile and we look at crafts to do at some point. He found this gummy bear slime that he was super excited about so we tried it. It didn't work out at all. But.. we used the stove instead of a microwave. And then we had no cornstarch, which i'm sure made a big difference. But he still had a little fun.  

I also got a new camera! The D800 i've been planning for since last year. I wasn't planning on buying it until around August but then I was watching ebay bids for a little and there was a great one ending that I knew would save me about $250 so I went for it and got it. It was pretty exciting. Here is my first picture with it.... and then one of each of our pets :) Its probably not super noticeable that there is a difference then my old pictures, but there is. Like the picture of kitty is super crazy compared to my old camera because she is all black and in a big shadow which normally I could have never gotten anything close to this. The quality is just so much better its exciting. 

Playing with the cats.

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