Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Thanks for doing your part, you sure are smart.

A couple October photos....

At the beginning of the month Oliver and I sat down and looked through Halloween pinterest craft pins to do. One of the ones he always got excited about where these jello monster eyes. I didn't think this one looked particularly exciting... but he kept wanting to do it so we finally did. 

He was very excited when we made them and then when I pulled them out. But then he didn't quite want to do anything with them.... it was pretty funny. He eventually used a spoon and mushed them around and used a straw to drink it up for a sip or two. So I guess it worked out. 

Ready for bed. 

Oliver and I also went to go see my friend kimberly from college in Wisconsin. It was exciting to see Bre too, she is so cute! We went to get ice cream and then found a big fountain that Bre and Oliver loved. Bre got soaked and Oliver was little hesitant of getting any water on him but still had a lot of fun. It was cute.

Kim dumping Bre in the water. Bre probably would have been happy if kim let her swim in it. 


  1. Such cuties. I hope they will always be good friends too.

  2. I loved the post and the picutures. I miss you both! I can't believe I still haven't met Oliver :( Maybe you guys can go on a trip to Utah? ;) haha