Friday, September 23, 2016

Having the time of my life.

Oliver is officially two years old! I had big plans to take some legit photos of him for his two year photos but got a little busy and it didn't happen before his birthday. But it still is going to happen... soon. I will wait to do a little post all about him and how smart and cute he is then... so for now, just look at this super cute ones instead..

This is oliver when he is being "bucket head". Bucket head is a popular game he likes to play where he puts a bucket on his head. He has a variety of buckets he uses to be bucket head. This is one that happens to let him see while wearing it. Something I appreciate.

Just chad being cool.

For chad and olivers birthdays we drove up to Canada to spend it with family. It was a really fun trip and we even turned it into a two day drive on the way up and stayed in Duluth for the night. We got in pretty late but in the morning we walked around by the water a little. Until Oliver had a giant break down involving him going limp on the ground crying and ultra wiggly when you pick him up. We eventually got him back to the car where he calmed down then fell asleep for 3 hours. Which was wonderful.

And here is Oliver with his patient grandma right after, and a little bit during, some rain playing outside in puddles.

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