Friday, June 17, 2016

Cut the Chase

Just the past week.... 

So Chad officially has a job now and it is super cool. He works from home, is a ios mobile developer, and works his own hours (well is contracted to work a certain amount of hours on a project and he picks how quick or slow he does them). Its pretty much our dream job. We just hope the hours stay consistent. He also has a pending job with the Timber Wolves but he isn't sure if he should take it because he wouldn't get to work from home and the pay is less. So.. we will see what happens. 

But since chad is working from home now I actually can't bother him in his office any more so i've been trying to play a lot with Oliver. Which is going pretty good, I've taught him to play doctor with his dinosaurs, so we are getting somewhere...

Anyways.. just some pictures.. 

We made another fort and ate lunch under it. 

Cheese face.

Kitty was the heavy weight holding it together.

We play this snack game with different foods and his tackle box and that keeps him entertained for a little..

Just playing cars.

And thats it. I have a bunch of photos on my phone from when we've gone out and about but thats too complicated right now. I'll probably post them later... or never :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, his hair! And he is just such a cutie! Congrats to Chad on the job, that's awesome!