Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sarah and Duck. Quack.

Its been a long time. I lost my camera charger and I didn't want to buy a new one because i've "lost" it about 3 times before and bought new chargers and then find the old ones eventually, so I searched for a long time. I never found it so I bought a new one. A week later, I found the old one. 

SO here are some pictures of lately. 

It was super warm for awhile and we went exploring. I am very excited for summer to hurry up and get here. 

There was also a very big snow storm and we got like over 6 inches of snow in one night. Happily it all melted within the next two days.

One of Oliver's favorite things.  Riding on the skateboard with dad. Just dad too, he doesn't like when I offer to go with him.

During the big snow storm we went outside for a little during it and the next day he wanted to go out on the porch and play with the snow but it was cold and I didn't want to, so the snow came inside. It was extremely exciting for him.

I bought easter eggs for easter and the day before I wasn't paying attention to Oliver and when I went to go look for him I found him like this on our bed stirring the eggs with a spoon and container he found himself.

I bought a little coffee table a week or two ago for $9 and finally got around to painting it. I re-bought the teal/blue paint that our tv stand is and painted the little feet copper. (Btw, It doesn't look as teal in this picture as it actually is) But anyways, it's real cute.

Oliver has stopped eating lately but he loves my new table so i've started giving him his food here and it seems to be helping. So does cheetos. And he looks super cute there.

And happy easter! We hid eggs throughout the living room for Oliver. It was his first easter to go egg hunting and it was real precious. He got very excited and then calmed down by the end.. but we put a single fruit snack or marshmallow in the eggs and he had lots of fun opening them.

 He wasn't very good at collecting the eggs, instead he would open them and put the treats together in his wagon.

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  1. Thank you for the very cute pictures of little Oliver. I hope to see him in person soon :-)