Monday, August 18, 2014

I don't do much talking, let the money do it for me.

Oliver's crib is officially ready! Originally I was just going to buy a simple white crib from ikea for $100 but then I noticed that Ikea also sells a crib for only $70 and low price tags automatically get me excited. But it was really boring and simple so I stuck with the other one. Later while looking through Pinterest I noticed people painting this cheap little crib. Soooo thats what I did. 

I knew people painted cribs but I was skeptical of how safe painting a crib was for babies so initially i didn't really consider it. When I decided that was the route I was going I made sure to find out what paint was safe to paint the crib with. I found out I needed water based nontoxic paint. Which turns out that a lot of the craft paints that you buy for 50 cents at joanns are exactly that! So that was super exciting, I only spent $1 to paint everything I wanted to.

I had plans to paint all of the bars my mint blue color and paint the rest of the crib white or leave it pine. But when I got the crib home I liked the pine and decided I wanted it to to be more subtle then overwhelming with the blue. So I painted the bars in a blue, white, pine pattern. And.. i really like it :) 


Here is a close up of the adorable fabric for the crib skirt I made. I went real simple and just pinned the fabric to the crib base because sewing everything together just seemed like I would mess it up.

And darcy has become a real baddy and taken over the crib like its hers. At first I would take her out every time I saw her in it... but its real difficult, she's so cute in it. And she was going to do it when I wasn't around anyways especially since its in the living room right now. So i'll just have to wash everything before Oliver moves in and then it'll be in our room which darcy doesn't really go in much. And I'm totally thinking she's going to be scared of Oliver for awhile so I do not see her jumping into the crib with him!

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