Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For the faint and broken hearted

Well this past week I had a birthday! A few weeks earlier I got my birthday present which was a new lens. I wanted to get a new one mostly for taking pictures of Oliver once he's here so I went with a fixed lens a 50mm 1.8f. The lens I was using was the old kit lens from the d50 and its lowest aperture was 3.5 or something like that and I only shoot in aperture now with the d300 and the bigger the aperture the happier I am so its been pretty nice to have this new lens. I've only really gotten to take cat pictures so hopefully i'll get the chance to take some portraits sometime soon to really see how wonderful it is. Maybe of some people I know in thunderbay... wink wink....

On my birthday chad had to work that evening so we went out to lunch at old country buffet and was deeply disappointed. They didn't even have warm plates... isnt' that like a buffet requirement? Then we went home to hang out till he left. And of course chad surprised me with a little a little birthday present even thought I already got my lens. He got me a little collection of gardening stuff like gloves and seeds and a pot. cute cute. 

Here's an example of an unedited picture of kitty that just gets me so excited for this lens! Normally I hate taking pictures of her because being mostly black shes usually just a blob in low light. But here shes so sharp with her color details showing and how her body is perfectly blurred. Its just wonderful. 

 And i've also been excited to be able to buy stuff for Oliver now that we know he's a boy. His room colors are going to be sea foam green, gold, and white.. and a little grey. I've started buying little decorations for his room at thrift stores.. here is one i got for $3 a little gum ball machine we are going to put marbles in. I painted it a gold to go with the room.


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  1. We enjoyed going out for your birthday dinner on your birthday. Too bad you were not there but we toasted to you several times throughout the dinner. Love you girl!