Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.

So for the 4th of july I asked for the day off and the 5th. Its was fantastic. Barbara came over and then we went to pocatello to see Kimberly and Zach. We took a little trip to the shopko there.. which wasn't as good as idaho fall's store, and then had burgers at a little family reunion party of zachs. Then we came back to idaho falls and walked from firework stand to firework stand to find some sparklers and pop its. My two favorite things on fourth of jully. We went to see the famous idaho falls fireworks and found a perfect spot and then they never started an old lady came over to us and told us some one was lost in the river so they were waiting. Barbara had to get some good old byui homework turn in online before midnight and it was getting late so we left. Right when we left they started.......

But yeah. It was a fuuun day. 

And i posted stuff on craigslist and i've already sold 5 things. Some one else is deciding on my little gold dipped desk. Which im hoping they don't get yet.. im not quite ready to use the computer on the floor for the rest of the month : (

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