Monday, March 11, 2013

Sing me something soft loud and out of key.

Im headed back to work tomorrow sadly. And im a little bit of a sicky.. buuutt, we did do some fun things these past couple days. 

Kasey came over which was quite fun. Chad made us go look at this new car he wants. Its actually not to bad. Maybe in years from now we'll get one. haha.. or never... Also i finally got to show kasey one of my favorite stores. Its a giant home decor store thats only open at a week or two at a time because they change it up for each season. It was fun. We were also a little bit Canadian and made poutine. 

Chads Scion fr-s 

Sunday dinner we made shish kabobs which reminded me how much i love them. I've decided to make them again this week.

I had a dilemma of running out of makeup and not wanting to pay a lot to replace it. So i decided to go with elf makeup which you can get tons of for cheap. It is cheaper quality makeup but I really didn't care at this point : ) So i went online and there was this fantastic deal (which they have new deals every week) where you spend $20 you get a free mystery bag of $20 worth of stuff. So I did it. I got about 8 things for my $20 and then in my mystery bag there was like 12 different things. I was pretty excited. I haven't got a good chance to try it out yet though. So i'll have to post later about it being any good or not : )

I also realized i had never posted about my white board i made. Soo.. this is it. I made it out of a DI picture frame. I flipped the painting it came with backwards and then painted a thick piece of white wrapping paper teal/green wrote the week on it and then put it under that glass. I also spray painted the frame white. And that was all. I really love it and use it every week.

Its quite big, i left most of the bottom blank because i write lists for the month underneath and other little notes.

I got a new frying pan!! I've had the same frying pan since my first semester of school and it was time for it to go. I've been watching the price on these colorful frying pans for the past months at shopko and today there was a 20% off coupon. So i got it for $11.99. The picture doesn't show the color right its more of a bright teal then blue.. more like the handle color?

Also.. when we went to the big home decor store with kasey there were these bundles of painted books wrapped together in lace and i decided i really wanted to try. So today i did. Turned out pretty great.. and it was super easy. Now i just need to wait until we go back to DI the next time we see kasey so i can get some cheap hardcover books!

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  1. You're so crafty. I love the painted books. Might have to try that in our new place.