Sunday, February 10, 2013


Well not much to post about. Just working, sleeping, and watching netfix. I was looking through old pictures that i transferred from chads old ipad and decided i'd posted them. They are all of darcy and kitty because thats pretty much all i take pictures of when im using the ipad. 

Back when darcy was little...


Darcy use to love sleeping on my laptop. it was adorable.

Going out on the town. 

Family portrait...Back when we use to go to church.. 

On our trip to Alaska

Darcy loved watching pj our families bird when we visited.

Loves boxes

Kitty a few weeks old

Darcy and kitty dying...Back when it was super hot 

Kitties first bath


Kitty pasted out

Classy cats

Kitty in the middle of whining 

Nap time

Spending time together

Kittys thirsty

More love of boxes
And.. yeah.. 

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