Thursday, February 14, 2013

do you rock rock rock rock?

So wednesday was my day off and i did a little bit of etsy stuff. I posted two new items. White branches, and white with blue branches. I also made a white with silver branches but in the pictures it looks pretty much the same as the just white so i held off on that one.  I also made some book page jars buuuutt.... They look good in pictures but in person the paper isn't too smooth and just doesn't look.. finished?.. So until i figure out how to do those better i wont post it. I think i need something that isn't rounded at the top or bottom, so instead of jars something more like a votive holder.. I don't know.


White & Blue

White & Silver

My book page Jars

Since i worked on valentines day i decided to try and make something on wednesday that was valentinesy. I saw on pinterest these cute heart shaped pizzas and thought.. that looks easy... Here is theres, and then mine.


Also chads lovely mother sent us a valentines package! I loved it. : ) as did chad...

And finally.. A little darcy picture. Since we got her she's always loved laying on chad when he plays video games in his banana chair. I think she's a super cutey. It makes my heart hurt.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is a great picture of you looks so creepy.And I love your guy's pizza compared to the other one;)

  2. I LOVE the book page jars! So cute.