Thursday, August 23, 2012

You should have listened much more carefully.

Well the past two days i have been packing, slowly. haha. Tomorrow i have all day to finish every thing up which will probably only take a couple more hours. I can not wait to move out of this apartment. We are renting a Uhaul on saturday and we only have it for 4 hours which would be fine except driving to and from idaho falls is about 40mins each way so we only have about 1 hour to pack up as much as we can, drive, unpack everything in another hour, and then drive back. So it'll have to be a very quick move but we don't have much so im not too worried! Here is some of our stuff packed up. (the white garbage bag has shoes, not garbage we wont to bring with us)

There is lots of cleaning to do before we move as well. I have set aside two days after we move to come back to the apartment when its empty and clean it all then. Another thing thats made a mess is old blacky. Here is the Exon Blacky spill in our drive way. its quite large. Since this picture i've put kitty litter on it and let it sit then swept it up but its still not that great.


And, lately Chad makes us go to bed a like 10pm since he wakes up super early for work, like 6am. So without trying i've been waking up at 9am every morning. It makes my day too long. haha. I don't have enough stuff right now to fill my days. I really wish i had someone to take pictures of because that would be lots of fun. And i really want to edit pictures because thats fun too. In my bored time alone today i took this picture of myself to fill my time :)

And here is a our little friend who is starving outside because our apartment manager is a meany. She might look fluffy and big in this picture but when you touch her (which is gross because she's all dirty but you can't help it because she trys to rub against you and is so desperate) she is really really skinny and you can feel her bones perfectly. Its sad. i can see how people become animal hoarders. Four paws said they are all full and they suggested the animal shelter but the animal shelter said they'd forward my email onto animal control and see if there is anything that can be done. I have a feeling nothing can be done.

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