Saturday, August 11, 2012

We've got the bomb.

(Darcy looking at me boredly)

A couple things have happened these past days....

I have a new nephew his name is Bridger. i have only seen two pictures of him so far but he looks like a cutie. We are planning on going up to Utah early next monthish to see him. That means i now have two nieces and two nephews.

I've been trying to keep myself busy while chads at work. For work he's already gone to the zoo twice, long boarded, and went to the part and toysRus. I feel bad for him he works so hard. haha.. jk. i actually do really appreciate him for finding this job and working for us. I've decided i don't want to get a job until we have moved to idaho falls since driving blacky back and forth scares me. Driving blacky any where scares me actually. haha. 

Anyways we are going to go see an apartment on tuesday so thats exciting. Its a little more then we wanted to pay but its been really hard find an apartment that allows pets and isn't in a junky/sketchy neighborhood. 

And thats about it. So i love bird home decor things and we went into this little store the other day in rexburg and i bought this cute little moss birds nest. i think its cute!

Oh yeah, also my friend kimberly gave me this little side table for free so i spray painted it (with the original dresser spray paint) and then "tried" modge podging wrapping paper on to the top. I say tried because it did not work to well. It looks great from farther away but up close there are bumps. After modge podging chad spray painted it with this sealant stuff so its got a nice glossy feel to it. its kind of cute. 


  1. If we lived by each other we could redo furniture together!!!!! I love everything you do it is cute:)

  2. That would be lots of fun!Im running out of places for furniture. haha