Monday, May 28, 2012

Are you ok Doctor Jackson

We went camping for memorial weekend! It was fun. At first it was pouring rain. Then it started hailing. It was crazy. But then it got nice. We bought a little tent and it worked out pretty good. It was cold at first. Heres some pictures!

Also... we are planning on going to salt lake this weekend to go to chad's old friends wedding. I have work off this Friday and Saturday so it works out perfectly. Im looking forward to going there and going to this store called homegoods.. its supposed to be like homeSense. I hope i hope! Although i am running out of room to put stuff. Im thinking i might switch out all of my painting in my living room for something else. I also like weddings so that'll be fun. And we are probably going to be staying with Nathan chads brother. It'll be a fun weekend!

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