Thursday, October 20, 2011

you can't do that one.

Tucked into bed with my computer. Haven't done this for awhile. 

So first day of work. Went well. i don't think i've ever vacuumed that much carpet at one time ever in my life. It looks like i'll just be working 3 hours a day. 8-11pm. 

Chad and I saw this flickr account and its so cool. He takes pictures of star wars Lego men and well, its cool. My favorite one is this one.... 
...i just love it. {One of my dreams is to create a miniature scene and take a picture of it. Just like the i spy books.} Chad and i decided we wanted to try taking cool pictures of some little thing. So we went to the dollar store and returned with a knight on a horse, and a long neck dinosaur. So far, we've only taken pictures of the dinosaur.

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