Saturday, October 22, 2011

i like fudge. i like fudge, you ask me what i'll say, i'll say i like fudge...

We drove home and saw a bunch of kittens tonight. We quickly tried to go see them but they ran away. We had bought some cat food for cheeto but she seems to have lost interest in us so we tried to lure these new kittens out with the food. Chad sat in the dark waiting for them. It was quite creepy. They never came.

Work has been a little annoying. My schedule isn't a sure thing so when i think its only going to be an hour and a half of work it ends up being like 2 and a half. I'd be fine working that much, it would just be nice to know beforehand.

Im tired of school already.

I don't know if i'll make the book club this month. Im far behind. Im not even done with my first book yet. Oh goodness.

I eat perogies today. delisish.

So chad and I are thinking about dressing up for Halloween as a monk and a nun.

Our room is pretty dark and night and we've been wanting to find a night light. All the ones we find aren't right. While i was looking on modcloth i found this one and i think they are adorable. There are a bunch of different colors.

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